Welcome to Zhengdu Screenreader, a software empowering lives through speech! We aim to bring the joy and convenience brought by computers by creating a blind-friendly software: functional, easy, convenient to use!

Software features

Speed of operation

Blind people have slower access to computers than their
sighted counterparts. ZDSR developed an extremely fast speech engine
increasing the reaction speed by about 300% comparing to its competition. This
makes ZDSR a perfect choice for people who need to access the information as
fast as possible.

Ease of use

ZDSR is built on top of extremely logical and straightforward
foundation, allowing people of all levels of computer knowledge master the
product quickly and efficiently, making it possible to install it and start
working immediately.

Advanced and well-thought functionality

ZDSR has all the functions you need,
plus many more! With the built-in translation, Optical Character Recognition,
automatic labeling of controls and plethora of many different features carrying
out even a most advanced task is not a problem anymore.

Great support for professional software

Are you a writer, programmer, data
analytist or an audio engineer? ZDSR has you covered. With its great support for
the software like Visual Studio, Android Studio, Eclipse, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
and many more the software is not only read perfectly, but also starts being
friendlier to the user with many additional keyboard commands.

Free support

Have you purchased the software, want to purchase it or use its free edition? We don’t care! Our support is here to help.

Are you convinced to try?

If you want to try the Zhengdu Screenreader, there are some things you can do.